Custom Fabrication

Carolina Stainless Fabrication is available for many and most of your fabrication needs. Whether that happens to be welding, forming, cutting, or designing. We are completely capable of fabricating with many different types of materials as well including stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and decorative metals. We are able to fabricate a wide array of products from Conveyors to Catwalks all the way to Workbenches and Racking. Take a look below at the many items we have had experience in fabricating before and if for some reason you do not see an item listed that you are looking for, don’t worry contact us from our contact page and tell us what you are looking for. We will more than gladly fabricate whatever your needs may be. Here at Carolina Stainless Fabrication you will be assured that everything that leaves our shop doors has been fabricated with the highest standards and commitment to quality.

Sheet Metal Enclosures Bending / Forming
Conveyors Bollards Wireways
Food Grade Equipment Change Parts Contract Cutting
Electrical Panels Aluminum Channel Brackets
Catwalks Flow Panels Custom Parts
Machine Guarding Hose Stations Trays
Handrails Chain Takeups Heat Tunnels
Shelving Control Mounts Backsplashes
Ducting Plates Hoppers
Worktables Hat Brackets Fence Posts
Enclosures Motor Guarding Wireway
“L” Brackets Metal Etching Bronze
Boxes Frames Residential Hardware
Machine Mounts Stainless Countertops Material Handling
Troughs Dock Plates Fixtures
Drippans Angle Brackets Jigs
Ornamental Copper Repairs
Stenciling Process Piping “U” Brackets
Shapes Mezzanines Platforms
Mild Steel Shower Pans Ladders