Conveyors Tabletop / Mattop

Carolina Stainless Fabrication fabricates and installs both Tabletop and Mattop conveyors. There are many options available to you for your next conveyor system such as the siderail, chain returns, drive, and chain to name a few. The highest standards of quality and craftsmanship is put into everything we fabricate here and we don’t stop with our conveyors. CSF conveyors are clean, strong, and durable and built to last. We offer many different sizes of conveyor lengths up to 10’ long as well as many different widths as well. Carolina Stainless Fabrication is aware that in the food and beverage industry Down time = Lost Profits so we have a quick turnaround time from start to finish in getting you the conveyors you need in a timely manner and not some 8-12 week lead time. Contact us for your next conveyor line or conveyor upgrade.