Installation Instructions


  • Tools required for wireway and fittings installation are a Phillips screwdriver and a 7/16 wrench or ratchet
  • Remove wireway or fitting, coupling, and cover including its associated fastening hardware from its shipping packaging.
  • Remove wireway or fitting cover by turning the Phillip’s or slotted head bolt ¼ turn or where the slot of the bolt is parallel with the length of the wire tray.
  • Butt the end of new wireway or fitting to the existing wireway or fitting already in place.
  • Insert coupling and associated hardware into wireway or fitting where either wireways or fittings join together.
  • Place bolt hardware so the head of the bolt is on the inside of the coupling and the bolt direction is going outward.
  • Place flanged nut onto bolt when it has come through both the coupling and wireway or fitting.
  • Hand tighten all associated hardware.
  • Make sure wireways or fittings are both flush with each other and that there are not any edges or anything protruding from the inside of the tray for wire to get caught on.
  • Once the tray or fittings look flush and lined up with the one another tighten with appropriate tools.
  • Install wireway or fitting divider if applicable.
  • Install top cover by placing back on to the wireway or fitting and turning the fastening hardware ¼ turn or to where the slot of the bolt is perpendicular to the length of the wireway.