Bending / Forming

Bending and Forming: CSF uses a new, state of the art Hydraulic CNC Press Brake. Add that with the many different tooling profiles available on our shop floor which gives us the ability to bend and form many different types of materials, lengths, and thicknesses for you. Some of our bending and forming capabilities are listed below. Contact us or send in your drawings for a quote today!

  • 150 tons of air bending force with proper tooling gives CSF the ability to break and form thicker materials in the upwards to 1” thick.
  • 122” length bed, capable of bending parts in length of up to 10’
  • CNC Auto crowning and accuracy makes it essential for CSF to bend and form your parts with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability which makes our part production runs extremely efficient and cost effective.
  • Long length of stroke and large area of daylight makes it easier and efficient to bend parts of all shapes and sizes.
  • Direct Programmable Delem 3D controller. Ability to see the part from its original cut flat pattern blank, through its bend sequence all the way to your finished part. This gives us the ability to bend and form parts quickly and accurately but most importantly removes costly errors which drive up prices in today’s manufacturing markets.
  • Wila New Standard Premium Tooling. Multiple punch profiles available as well as V dies with openings from ¼” all the way to 3” on hand to bend many types of materials and thicknesses.
  • Hemming capabilities available to pieces up to .0600 thick x 120” in length.
  • Ability to bend many types of materials from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, mild steel, copper steel and some types of polycarbonates and select plastics.
  • Send in your drawings, 3D models, or hand sketches to get a quote.