Engineering / Design

Design and Engineering: We offer engineering and design services here at Carolina Stainless Fabrication. Our engineering and design team here at CSF is available and ready to help get your designs, ideas, and projects of the ground and going. We are available to create 3D Modeling Parts and Assemblies, BOM and Fabrication drawings, Electrical Schematics, Electrical Panel Designs, Building Layouts and Machine integration. We use Solidworks, Draftsight, and Autocad for most of our services. All of the parts that we engineer and design here at CSF are able to easily translate over to our CNC Waterjet and CNC Pressbrake.

With our ability to integrate almost all of our 3D models, parts and drawings across our CNC machines lowers the cost of our products by eliminating numerous prototyping runs and tests while raising the quality and craftsmanship of the parts, products and services we here at Carolina Stainless Fabrication have come accustomed to giving our customers every single time.

  • Use only the latest updated software for Solidworks, Autocad and Draftsight.
  • 3D models, Weldments, 2D models, Sheet Metal Parts, Plant Layout, Machine Integrations, Electrical Drawings,
  • Can generate many different types of files such as DXF, DWG, SLDPRT, IGES, PDF, AI
  • Photo rendering of drawings is available.
  • Ability to generate Fabrication Drawings including Bill of Materials, Bend Tables, Bend Sequences, Cut Tables, Weld Tables, and Flat Patterns.
  • Easy integration of CAD drawings imported into our CNC machines makes for seamless and efficient operations with quick to little lead and turnaround times.