Linegraining / Finishing

Linegraining and Finishing: CSF has the ability to linegrain, deburr, clean or put a custom finish on your production or prototypical parts. Whether that is done by the many different handheld shop tools such as our dynabrade finishing sanders, rotary files, pedastool grinders, to clean, finish and blend welds or by our Linegraining machine which gives us the capacity to deburr, linegrain and finish parts of multiple lengths and upwards to 40” wide.

  • 40” Linegraining Capacity: Our linegrainer has a capacity of 40” wide which gives CSF the ability to run many and most of our current customer’s parts. We are also able to run smaller production run parts through quickly and efficiently which helps CSF continue to strive for quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround times.
  • Finishes: Many finishes are available to our customers by using the proper abrasive belt. CSF is capable of finishes from your typical 180 grit #4 linegrain finish, 220 grit mirror finish or just your standard deburring of the edges, holes and cutouts on your custom parts.
  • Handheld tools: We have a large number of smaller handheld finishing tools available for you custom fabrication needs. These tools such as a flexible shaft grinding belt, rotary file, dynabrade belt sanders make it possible to clean, polish and blend all of our welds for a clean and seamless look on your custom fabricated parts.

Contact us today for your Linegraining, deburring, polishing and finishing needs.