Welding – TIG and Wirefeed

Welding: Carolina Stainless Fabrication is available for any welding services that you might need. We are capable of many different welding types such as Tig, Wirefeed, Spot-welding, and even Stick-Welding. Our welding services are available both at our shop and in the field. We can weld many different types of materials from stainless steel, mild steel and even some aluminum. Contact CSF for any welding needs you might have.

  • Ability to use many types of welding processes such as Tig, Stick and Wirefeed Welding.
  • Capable of welding stainless steel, mild steel, and some aluminum.
  • Spot-welding is available as well for your thin sheet metal applications where you are trying to minimize warping or misconfiguration from other welding processes.
  • Services are available both at our shop and out in the field depending on the welding application.
  • We can weld many things from our customers production run parts, prototypes, and even repairs and fixes.
  • Some of the items we have welded in the past are Conveyors, Material Handling, Piping, Workstations and Worktables, Troughs, Drippans, Brackets and Supports, Boxes, Guarding, Framing, Ornamental Iron and Fencing, Catwalks, Platforms, Stairwells, Barricades and Ballards, Prototypes, and Custom Parts.

Cutting: Not only are we able to cut and fabricate things you need from our CNC waterjet we also have a coldsaw that can handle many cutting applications that you might need. Our coldsaw cutting services are extremely accurate, straight, burr free, and efficient. CSF cutting services are available for short and large production run of cuts or simple cuts such as straight or mitered cuts on tubing, angle iron, flatbar, and round or bar stock. Let us know how we can assist with your cutting needs.

  • 14” variable speed coldsaw with the ability to cut Ferrous and Non Ferrous materials.
  • Air operated vise to reduce material vibration or chatter makes for a straight and clean “burr-free” cut.
  • Straight cuts makes for nice clean weld with minimal to no clamping of pieces and materials.
  • Ability to stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, bronze and many types of plastics.
  • Many shapes can be cut such as Angle Iron, “C” channels, Barstock, shafting, flatbar, and round, square and rectangular tubing.

Capable of cutting sizes below:

  • Round Tubing: 90° = 4-1/2″ & 45° = 4″
  • Round Solid: 90° = 2″ & 45° = 1-3/4″
  • Square Tubing: 90° = 4-1/4″x4-1/4″ & 45° = 4″x4″
  • Square Solid: 90° = 2″x2″ & 45° = 1-3/4″x1-3/4″
  • Rectangle Tubing: 90° = 5-1/2″x4″ & 45° = 4″x4″