• Custom Fabrication

    Stainless Steel

    • Tabletop Conveyors / Mattop Conveyors
    • Conveyor & Machine Integration
    • Food Grade Construction
    • Flow Panels / Process Piping
    • Platforms / Catwalks

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  • Services Offered

    State of the Art Machinery

    • Laser & Waterjet Cutting
    • Bending / Forming
    • Linegraining / Finishing
    • Engineering / Design
    • Welding—Tig and Spot

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  • Shop Tour

    Picture Gallery and Videos

    • See our new Laser Cutter
    • View a list of Machines in our Shop
    • View photos of our shop
    • Check out our Videos

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    Carolina Stainless Fabrication is based in Statesville, North Carolina. We are a precision fabricator of sheet metal parts and assemblies. CSF specializes in stainless steel surface metal raceway, associated brackets and parts and food grade construction. Main industries we supply are food, beverage and pharmaceutical where food grade construction, corrosion resistance and hygiene are required to meet local and national regulations. read more >

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